Ravel Morrison

1 Dec

Ravel is the best youth player I’ve ever seen in over 40 years watching the game. I first heard about Ravel when he was around 11 and have watched him live countless times and enjoyed watching him develop. While he doesn’t have the electric pace and dribbling ability of a young Giggs, he has an excellent football brain, vision and that rare ability to pass to a player exactly where they want it when they want it. He can beat players for fun and not only turns up in the important games but scores important goals on a regular basis. He has a good work ethic and can run games.

I have reserved my judgement whether he is ready for the first team due to the fact it isn’t a question a fan can answer. The gulf between the premier league and youth/reserve team football nowadays is monumental. And it is a question only the coaching staff can answer watching him in action in training with first team players. When I started watching football it wasn’t uncommon for players to go from the youth team in to the 1st team if they were deemed special but the demands of United nowadays and the quality of the premier league make this a lot less common.

Furthermore the coaching staff have to assess how a player will cope with bad games or stardom at such a tender age. I remember Gordon Strachan saying he once started a young player and because he wasn’t ready it put him back 2 years. Confidence is obviously a critical factor and if a player suddenly feels he is out of his depth and embarrasses himself on the pitch that can have a major impact on the rest of his career.

I also have little  doubt newspapers will have stories ready to go to print if Ravel does make the grade. They will be holding back until he is in the limelight and people know him and want to know more and will sell papers. Moreover no doubt so called friends will come out and sell information whether true or not. And this will be difficult for him to handle. The club will be aware of these events and they must be sure he can handle the fame when it comes.

I watched Ravel live for the 1st team for the first time yesterday and found it very interesting. Physically he struggled, he was shrugged off the ball a few times and while some of his passing and touches were nice he needed more movement than Macheda and Diouf managed to create opportunities.  While he had been able to go past youth and reserve players with relative ease he struggled to go past a Palace player. Moreover Palace defended deep and in numbers and the space he is given at the lower levels was never available.

Perhaps a good way to introduce him to 1st team action would be as a sub when we are in control of the game and it is more open with Rooney to link up to and Chicharito’s movement as options.

You may also want to read this – https://themancunianred.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/give-ravel-a-break/



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