A Testing Time for Fergie

31 Jan

Over the years I’ve spent lots of  time analysing and thinking about Fergie’s remarks, decisions and actions. Many of the facts only become clear a long time after the incidents and he often misleads the media and fans his only real object is winning trophies and how he can best achieve this objective. He tries his utmost in the main to keep things in house and create a siege mentality.

I think at the moment he is faced with more problems than I can remember since he got United on the winning road in the 1990s and has been acting out of character in some ways. None of the incidences are remarkable in themselves but added together may suggest bigger problems.

Fergie has backed the Glazer family but it is pretty obvious now that he isn’t been given the funds he wants and needs to rebuild United in to one of the powerhouses of Europe but has kept tight-lipped unlike his previous rants at Edwards and the PLC. Since Ronaldo left we have gone from being one of the best teams in the world to struggling to qualify for the later stages of the Champions League and we haven’t seriously made an effort to get back to that position. I could have understood big buys going wrong but there does seem a lack of desire to be the best in the world again at the club. Our midfield hardly scares premier teams let alone the top teams in Europe.

His recent rant in the programme notes against Keane has been followed by a rant against Hansen. If I’m honest I and many reds I know have stated  similar views to the ex Liverpool defender. He has six journalists banned from Carrington also at the moment.

His handling of the Rooney Evans and Gibson over the Christmas period going very public in his criticism was unusual but not unprecedented.

Buying De Gea some have said against his scouts observations I’m not sure about that but bringing a youngster from a foreign country away from his family and friends and making him number one seemed very strange. He may go on to be the greatest ever but I think most observers thought it was a strange buy. The lad has had nothing but success and that is the way he has developed, it was obvious he was going to hit problems, everyone does and he has no experience of dealing with these situations. Ideally he could and should have been protected, put him as number 2 if Fergie really wanted to buy him and take the pressure off the lasd by bringing him in now and again. I like De Gea but I do think his development has not been thought out properly.

It has often been argued by some had Fergie managed Best would things have turned out differently. Fergie’s record handling young players is possibly his greatest asset and has won huge recognition. It has come as monumental shock to many of us that one of the best young players to come through the youth at United is being sold. Again I am absolutely certain Fergie has given him countless chances and has done everything he can to help him develop in to a man and make the most of his ability. However I confess I didn’t think I would see such a precocious youngster leave. Moreover while I’m sure Fergie was just trying to help  Ravel out but Fergie’s claims that the lad had turned a United contract down asking for too much money was found out to lies, Fergie did not come out of this looking very good. While another highly rated talent Pogba has been unwilling to sign a contract.

In past years I cannot remember too many problems coming to light about young players not wanting to sign contracts for United. Perhaps this is just another indicator of the changing nature of football and the power of young players. I remember thinking when Sturridge left City for Chelsea I would doubt that’s happen at United.

It could be and it wouldn’t surprise me in a few weeks Fergie’s genius has all but resolved many of the major concerns. And I don’t want to be ageist by saying that his age has anything to do with these events.

I hope Fergie stays as long as he wants I will never call for him to step down. And I know there are also fans who think questioning the maestro is not acceptable. I am not one of these I love to think and analyse.


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