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Blame Pogba Not his Agent

28 Feb

Were United fans blaming outside influences when Pogba joined United from Le Harvre? So why blame outside forces now? He chose his agent on the basis he believed would best satisfy his needs and requirements. It isn’t mind reading to realise Fergie, the backroom staff and players such as Rio are giving the lad advice which he is choosing not to listen to. Many lads at his age think they know it all, and because he has already made a big move to another club his next one away from United will not be as big a deal.

Agents are ideal scapegoats, fans love to blame someone but don’t want to turn their hostility directly towards a player they like, even hero-worship. While managers direct their anger at agents avoiding a complete breakdown with the player and can still get the message over to the fans that a player is being greedy and asking too much.

Fergie has attempted to direct the blame away from himself by saying Rio is key to keeping Pogba. It doesn’t look good for Fergie’s reputation and control if  he does lose two such talented youngsters in the space of a few months. Moreover Fergie has taken control it seems by insisting he must train alone and wont see any 1st team action until he signs a new contract. This way Fergie is seen to have some degree of control. However the negative reinforcement of these events is unlikely to create harmony between the player and club but only drive a bigger wedge between them.

Fergie is the best but as we saw in the last sub display by Pogba he does look ready for 1st team action. Wouldn’t it have been worthwhile seeing if he is ready and can do a job and if he is good enough to earn the money he wants? We would at least be able to judge by his on the field abilities or lack of them, at the moment we are assessing him as a reserve team player, if he did come in and make the impact we hope would not that bring the two sides closer together regarding his wages? Furthermore playing in front of 76,000 most weeks and fighting for the title could bring certain realities home.

The concern over his wages isn’t just about him but how it could affect the rest of the squad and the other youth players coming through. I have no problem with the stance Fergie and the club are taking over wages but I’m just surprised we seem to be making an ideological stance rather than a pragmatic one and see what the lad can do until the end of the season.


BTW those who like gossip a lad who sits near mea at Old Trafford told me a bit back that a member of the background staff who is reliable had told him Fergie doesn’t rate him as highly as other members of the coaching staff and fans who follow the youth team. Is this true I have no idea, but it is information to think about.

6 Feb


United Career: January 1953 – May 1973
Birthplace: Ashington
Date of Birth: 11 October 1937
Position: Forward/Left Winger/Centre Midfielder
United Games: 766 Goals: 253
England 106 games 49 goals

I think one thing surprises me more than any other speaking to United fans is actually how little they know about one of our greatest ever players. Countless fans think he was a striker. He wore the number 9 shirt and is our all time leading goal scorer and England’s but he did that primarily from centre midfield.

He did start his United career for the first three seasons as a goalscorer/finisher but then in the 1960 season he was pushed out to the left wing. He would frequently use his electric pace to beat a player cut in and blast the ball past the keeper. He scored 21 goals in his first season in that position and stayed there for…

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Ravel My Analysis

2 Feb

A few people have asked me again on twitter to go through why I thought Ravel would leave and without a buy out clause.

Firstly I had been puzzled for a bit why there was no talk about Ravel and a United contract. While lots had been discussed about Pogba. Both are outstanding talents most I think would say Ravel in terms of ability was the better of the two. Fergie had blamed Pogba’s agent naturally as he didn’t want to blame the player, agents are a useful blaming tool. Now absolutely nothing had come out from Ravel or from United regarding the contract which was strange. Ravel had been at OT at least since he was 12 and everyone knew it wasn’t just media speculation or rumour that Ravel has major issues. Furthermore United have a proven record for looking after their young players but on a recent court case there was no United representative. I wasn’t sure if this was true, but if it was I thought it was staggering, this isn’t the Fergie way.

There was a report I think in the Mail stating Ravel hadn’t been as yet offered a new contract some regarded this as just media speculation to me it fitted.

Ravel hadn’t played much at the start of the season was it injuries or disciplinary problems? He started to play a bit more regular with the reserves and had looked superb  but yet again was not to be seen after the Palace game.

There was talk he wanted something like £30,000 a week and he was up for sale, Fergie didn’t contradict he was up for sale and it is the Fergie way to protect players by blaming other issues. It is a lot better for player and the club to say he has turned down a contract rather than he wasn’t seriously offered one because we had tried countless times to get him on the straight and narrow but we cannot do anything with him.

We know Fergie’s history regarding looking after young lads and developing them as men. Having to let a possible genius go must have been very very hard on him so to do so he must have tried everything.
Ravel not understanding the way Fergie works just told the truth on Twitter he wasn’t offered a contract by United. Fergie I presume must have been annoyed about this as he was only protecting the lad and club. Shortly after I think Ravel’s agent come out more in line with the club. A lot better publicity he wanted more money than he was being kicked out of Old Trafford due to being troublesome. I remember reading Fergie’s autobiography how he left Rangers and was told if he kept it quiet people in the game would see him right. And they did it has always been Fergie’s way to keep the truth if possible out of the media if it harms people or the club.

Now as I said in an earlier article the Liverpool manager Evans regarded Collymore as an overachiever as players who Have major problems are usually weeded out at youth level. Ability is one thing but at the top level dedication and mental toughness are just as important.

Fergie as every great manager knows you have to make tough decisions and have confidence in them. Now after deciding to let him go he must firmly believe he cannot cut it so why bargain from a weak position to add a buy back clause. Moreover I doubt the break up was amiable.

He had chose not to let Ravel go out on loan which I thought he might have tried as a last throw of the dice. May be it had been a possibility until further things went wrong and Fergie said that’s enough.

You start off with a theory and a few facts you add the evidence as it comes along does it fit the theory has it changed or was it wrong to begin with. I think this was quite and easy analysis as the facts just kept backing up my initial premise. Of course at the last minute things can change such as Schmeichel and Rooney sorting their problems out and apologising to the boss.

Some have been known to come through problems in their youth such as Stan Bowles. Will Ravel, I really hope I’m wrong but I doubt he will become a great player as I did believe for a long time previously.