Blame Pogba Not his Agent

28 Feb

Were United fans blaming outside influences when Pogba joined United from Le Harvre? So why blame outside forces now? He chose his agent on the basis he believed would best satisfy his needs and requirements. It isn’t mind reading to realise Fergie, the backroom staff and players such as Rio are giving the lad advice which he is choosing not to listen to. Many lads at his age think they know it all, and because he has already made a big move to another club his next one away from United will not be as big a deal.

Agents are ideal scapegoats, fans love to blame someone but don’t want to turn their hostility directly towards a player they like, even hero-worship. While managers direct their anger at agents avoiding a complete breakdown with the player and can still get the message over to the fans that a player is being greedy and asking too much.

Fergie has attempted to direct the blame away from himself by saying Rio is key to keeping Pogba. It doesn’t look good for Fergie’s reputation and control if  he does lose two such talented youngsters in the space of a few months. Moreover Fergie has taken control it seems by insisting he must train alone and wont see any 1st team action until he signs a new contract. This way Fergie is seen to have some degree of control. However the negative reinforcement of these events is unlikely to create harmony between the player and club but only drive a bigger wedge between them.

Fergie is the best but as we saw in the last sub display by Pogba he does look ready for 1st team action. Wouldn’t it have been worthwhile seeing if he is ready and can do a job and if he is good enough to earn the money he wants? We would at least be able to judge by his on the field abilities or lack of them, at the moment we are assessing him as a reserve team player, if he did come in and make the impact we hope would not that bring the two sides closer together regarding his wages? Furthermore playing in front of 76,000 most weeks and fighting for the title could bring certain realities home.

The concern over his wages isn’t just about him but how it could affect the rest of the squad and the other youth players coming through. I have no problem with the stance Fergie and the club are taking over wages but I’m just surprised we seem to be making an ideological stance rather than a pragmatic one and see what the lad can do until the end of the season.


BTW those who like gossip a lad who sits near mea at Old Trafford told me a bit back that a member of the background staff who is reliable had told him Fergie doesn’t rate him as highly as other members of the coaching staff and fans who follow the youth team. Is this true I have no idea, but it is information to think about.


4 Responses to “Blame Pogba Not his Agent”

  1. At the far Post - Matt Joyce March 11, 2012 at 11:49 pm #

    Good analysis of the situation. Would like to see Pogba new deal ASAP, he is ready to be eased into the first team. Followed the blog, enjoyed all posts that I read some good work.

  2. maz_man_utd March 25, 2012 at 12:23 am #

    Keith, your analysis are spot on for an average kid, I’m not sure it applies aptly to a footballer trying to decide his future. As a father of two boys, 19 and 17 I can tell you first hand that the idea of thinking ahead by days let alone months or years is just not available to them. That’s why they think they’re invincible and know everything. I just finished a frustrating discussion with my younger son regarding college. They really are very good kids, but they are really not capable of viewing their future like an adult would.

    Having said that, you look at Pogba, plucked from his family at 15, Moved to another country, the football world is all he knows. You and I maybe a little biased thinking Manchester United is the greatest club on earth, but I”m sure others have the same view of their club. I know you did not state it that way, and to be fair in your tweets you were not of that opinion, but many people are just simply shocked that someone can chose another club over United.

    I really think that a footballer’s life has changed dramatically over that last two or three decades. SAF has proved that above all the other things in which he is brilliant, adapting with the times is one of his strong qualities. He has shown that in his tactics as well as player management.

    I agree that maybe we can blame Rooney for saying he wanted a transfer, he was 25 of 26 at the time. Even though I can say he is old enough, he should know better, we have to understand that these players are isolated and live in their own world. I remember tweets from Phil Neville and Rooney, on holidays together, even Tim Cahill was with them if I remember correctly. Their world is managers, other players and agents for the most part. They get their influence from them, I just can’t imagine how difficult that would be for someone at pogba’s age.

    When Macheda came to United, I read his family came with him. United even found his father a job as a grounds keeper so he can support his family and be with his son. I would assume that is the exception to the norm. And even if the family of the player is with him, and are helping him to decide what he will do with his future, I can tell you, he won’t always listen to his parents because he thinks he knows better. That is if the parents are even giving him good advice to begin with. Money can blind many people, adults and teenagers alike.

    So though I agree in principle that he is ultimately at fault, I just don’t think it’s fair on the lad. I also apologize for going on. After having discussions in 140 characters that really is not conveying my point across because I’m so concerned about number of words, it’s nice to speak my mind freely.

    • themancunianred March 25, 2012 at 11:23 am #

      I prefer detailed points so don’t apologise for the length. Although I’m not sure what point you are making. Of course I understand the difficulties and problems that youngsters have. I am not having a go at him, he is learning to make decisions for himself which is an important thing in life. My point is don’t blame his agent, as you said youngsters think they know everything. Other articles have claimed Pogba is a puppet to be moved like a chess piece by his agent, as you have just agreed youngsters are not like this, they are stubborn, willful and determined.

      My article is certainly not bashing a youngster for considering leaving OT, I would never do that I never put the knife in to Ravel either.

  3. nini March 27, 2012 at 11:21 pm #

    “BTW those who like gossip a lad who sits near mea at Old Trafford told me a bit back that a member of the background staff who is reliable had told him Fergie doesn’t rate him as highly as other members of the coaching staff and fans who follow the youth team..”

    I somehow think the gossip is probably right..before the departure of Ravel Morrison,SAF seems rated him high than Pogba..but sadly,he only had himself to be blame.. 😦

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