Mind Games

28 Mar

Mind games effect can be over-stated, I have major doubts Keegan’s outburst was the major factor behind Newcastle losing the title. And mind games are happening every time anyone communicates, it seems they only become critical when the media says that these are mind games and then fans watch to see what happens the next few games. Having said that there are certain occasions it is obvious to all that what certain people are saying is directed at attempting to upset or rather cause players/managers/fans to question certain things resulting in them asking questions they would not usually ask or make decisions from doubt.

When it becomes clear that this is the objective though the pressure is placed not only on those who the remarks are aimed at but the person who is making them. He enters a dangerous arena, if you want to use the media to put pressure on another and it backfires it can and has destroyed championship challenges in the past. It is difficult to deny that Rafa’s rant had anything but negative side effects on his team. Rafa’s remarks had no affect on the United management and players but Liverpool’s results certainly suffered, good management takes pressure away from players bad management makes them more aware of factors outside football and that concentration and relaxed way of playing is broken.

City with Mancini are trying to do it through payment of ex players, Vieira has obviously been given the role to attempt to unsettle United players but can this work? It takes the heat of Mancini as it is directed to the player, however you cannot really hurt people when things are going well, it just bounces off and you feel stronger as your confidence isn’t weakened how can it be? What have United players got to question? They are playing good football on top of the league, winning most weeks while City have dropped a pretty impressive lead, and continue to drop points and players who were dynamite early in the season such as Silva are looking relatively average at the moment.

Vieira having failed painfully over his comment on Paul Scholes has either took advice or has worked out he cannot affect United at the moment directly because they are on form, so he is attempting to influence refs and the media in the hope that the next big decision will go against United as the ref and assistant refs remember the media fuss about United getting decisions. I believe this is illegal in the game nowadays probably another reason why Mancini is not saying it but using Vieira.

This again I suspect will only backfire against City and Vieira reading the tweets from numerous non United fans they think Vieira is looking very foolish and if that is the dominant thinking throughout football the next dubious decision for or against City may not go the way they hope. People do not like to be used and manipulated when they find out they are being used in mind games.

To play and win in mind games is not easy, it often works against the person playing them especially if they start them and try to usde the media or officials in the game.


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